Brightly Colourful, Inspirational Storytelling Murals by Po

To view my latest mural, “Warbler Watching,” installed at Base 31 in Picton, please visit my blog post about the unveiling event, July 9, 2022. Please click this link: Portia Po Chapman Mural “Warbler Watching” – Photos of Unveiling Ceremony in Aviator’s Garden at Base 31 PEC, Picton, Ontario, July 9, 2022

See Blog Post for the Mural Creation Process and Photos: How Portia Po Chapman Made the Mural Warbler Watching for Base 31 Picton

Mural Commissions $1500+ CDN

Solid Back Canvas Stretcher

Gesso, Drawing & Painting

Choosing a Mural Size & Orientation

48″x48″ Acrylic on Canvas Gallery Depth Stretcher Commission $3000 CDN
60″x48″ Acrylic on Canvas Gallery Depth Stretcher Commission $4000 CDN
48″x60″ Acrylic on Canvas Gallery Depth Stretcher Commission $4000 CDN

I first created “My Creation” as a hand drawn and digitally coloured image for the cover of the Inaugural Edition of the Queen’s University Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS) Journal of Indigenous Studies (AJIS) in 2017. I was thrilled when this year (2022) ASUS commissioned “My Creation” in large format (48″x48″). So that my clients could visualize the new mural in their space, I drew the above scaled renderings of the fireplace above which the mural would be mounted. I find that this process is very helpful for commissioning clients. They picked up “My Creation” in February, 2022. The following is the photo of the AJIS cover.

Love Art by Po


Belleville, Ontario, Canada