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Portia Chapman’s “Desk” Has Places to Go What is Your Learning Story?

Portia Chapman’s “Desk” Has Places to Go!

What is Your Learning Story?

desk learning is a journey
“Desk” was Digitally Inserted into My Photograph – Windsor, Ontario

As an Art Teacher and Teacher of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies, I hope to take “Desk” on a learning tour. Covid-19 has taught us that learning happens everywhere in life – if we are willing to learn. The classroom suddenly became our living rooms, bedrooms, and even our cars.

We kept learning during a time that prevented us from going to the school building. I want to take “Desk” on a journey across the country.

A moving journey across our great land whereby each stop along the way invites people to sit at “Desk” and to tell their stories of learning. I really, really like school – sharing, learning, teaching, and so much more.

As the artist, I so aspire for “Desk” to remind all of us that we must not move backward – we must keep moving forward. Learning is everywhere and learning flourishes when we share our stories together.

desk learning everywhere
“Desk” was Digitally Inserted into My Photograph – Toronto, Ontario

This is “Desk” in the studio:

“Desk” by Portia “Po” Chapman, 2019 – In the Studio

“Desk” Artist Statement & Story with Additional Photos Including Construction



Belleville, Ontario, Canada

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