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Portia “Po” Chapman

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Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Email: portia@loveartbypo.ca
Instagram: @loveartbypo

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Portia “Po” Chapman BFAH, BEd (Artist in Community Education)

Portia “Po” Chapman is an Indigenous Hand Drum Maker and Freelance, Multidisciplinary Illustrator.

She is an award winning, emerging artist with a new creation studio in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Her work has been digitally published as well as in print. For her stylized circular imagery, Po has garnered international notoriety and demand. Recently she was the featured visual artist / illustrator by Focus in Kingston.

Po’s dual career also includes Visual Art Education. She teaches Secondary School Visual Art and, as an Artist in Community Specialist, she also teaches Visual Art classes at other institutions such as Queen’s University’s Agnes Etherington Art Centre in Kingston, Ontario.

Po gained National attention for her digital “Truth” image that she created for the Queen’s University Indigenous Initiatives Website. It suddenly went viral when it was later featured on Queen’s University’s landing page during the week of Canada’s first annual National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. It was quickly featured across the country by individuals, organizations, and news agencies.

Portia’s artistic style reflects her joyous younger years growing up at her family cottage / art studio in the woods along the shores of Moira Lake, Tweed, Ontario. While communing with nature, playing in the stream, diving in the lake and taking many walks where she spoke to residents of the forest, Portia developed her artistic voice and a wondrous connection to her Indigenaity. Po’s first art projects were made from tree bark, leaves, flowers and wild grapevines. It was the beauty of Creation that first prompted her to create.

Po’s artworks inspire viewers to smile and bask in an air of hope. Po’s independent artistic pursuits seek to share positive messages that emote dream-like reflections. Her characteristic style incorporates intense blocks of colour, framed in deeply toned, organic line work with crisp edges. The marvellous combination of complex themes and simplistic imagery welcomes the sharing of stories.

The most common critique of Po’s artwork is that it emotes “Beauty.”

Portia “Po” Chapman is a dynamic, bright, breath of fresh air. Just as she sparkles, so too does her artwork.

Po continues to welcome teaching and speaking engagements, commission and gallery requests, as well as illustration requests on-going. Although Po has some short term availability, she is booking most events and projects up to 10 months in advance. Please contact her as soon as you can to book your consultation.

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